Woman Demands Free Water From A Store And Can’t Stop Screaming. Why? Take A Look!

In most circumstances, a customer will ask for the manager to make a complaint. They will ask for the manager if they feel that maybe they should be treated in a certain way or to simply get an apology. After all, the customer is always right. This however does not always happen. In this video, a woman had a disagreement with employees. What followed was quite a scene to behold and shocking as well.

The woman in the video wants to be given free water. The employees demand that she pays the 20 cents that the water costs and stand their ground. That’s when things get out of hand. The woman starts screaming at the workers claiming she has to get the free water because her grandmother was a slave. The workers are taken back by the woman’s claims but have no other response for her except that she has to pay for the water.

The woman keeps talking, now saying random stuff that she believes justifies her demand for free water. This irritates the workers behind the desk and a shouting match starts. The customer at one point claims she is leaving only to return with more screams swears at the employees. The scene ends with the customer leaving as the employees screaming at her.

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