Woman Gets Surprised To Know That She’s Pregnant During Delivery Time!

The story you are about to read is not fiction or imagination as it happened in real life.

From the story, TLC show made this clip rebuilding entitled “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” In the video, we meet a lady aged 24 years who starts to have abdominal pains. Her name is Jasmine. To her, the pain is being caused by menstrual cramps. But as the pain increases severely, her mother is forced to rush her to hospital for a checkup. When it is conducted, the doctors reveal to her that she is pregnant. Actually, the pains were nothing else but labor pains. Jasmine is shocked because that very morning she had taken the pills. The doctors rushed her to the emergency room where they performed a C-section to erase the chances that a complication might arise.

Finally, she was able to deliver a healthy baby. While she thought that all was over, she and the doctor who was nursing the baby were shocked when the nurse began screaming. On looking at what it was, she…

The pains were realized to be labor pains and her lose of periods was due to pregnancy. Currently, she is a mother of two kids namely Sarah and Casey. Good news is that this single mom quit drinking and smoking.

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