Woman Has Not Cut Her Hair In 20 Years, Now Watch When The Stylists Does This…

Christopher, our makeover guy, meets different women in his line of duty.

One woman had not cut her hair in 20 years. Christopher says it is the longest hair he has ever cut. The talented hairdresser had a surprise for the woman.

For the past 20 years, the woman had a single braid that ran down her back. It was the only look she wore.

The woman tells Chris her desired length. Christopher ties the hair into a braid and cuts it off. Additionally, the lady gets fresh makeup.

With her short hair and pretty face, she looks good as new. The woman says her head feels light and airy. You can see confidence and sexiness in her new look.

The woman said her hair was weighing her down emotionally and physically. She looks pretty in her shoulder-length hair length.

Watch the video and see the drastic transformation. See how the woman’s spirit is lifted as she grins from ear-to-ear.

Did you love the woman’s transformation? Would you cut your long hair to achieve similar results? Let us know what you think!

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