Woman Lets A Stranger Get Served First, And Then He Does This To Her. He’s Such A Guy!

You really have no idea just how good things can quickly turn out because of a simple act of kindness extended from a pure heart to another. This story made me smile all day!

Now, there’s this cool guy, Richard Shaw, who happens to have quite some love for watermelons. One day, he felt a need for his favorite fruit, but he was in a bit of a rush, so he quickly popped into the nearest Safeway store to grab one. Once inside, he found that the line at the counter was a bit “occupied,” and that’s when things started happening. A stranger let him jump the line!

This woman had a basketful of shopping, so she figured that it was really cool if she could let this guy pay for his fruit first since he wouldn’t use so much time at the counter. What happened next is just incredible!

So Richard “jumps” the line and goes on to produce his wallet at the counter. What he does? He decides to foot his bill as well as that of the kind woman. I can’t believe this!

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