Woman Takes Off Her Clothes At A Public Place. The Reason… I Am So Touched!

It’s very shocking to see someone undress in front of many people like tourists and the local residents.

Jae West, a woman, took off her dress and remained with a bra and underwear. That was over the weekend at London’s Piccadilly Circus. Her objective was to pass across some message about acceptance.

She blindfolded herself and carried quite a number of markers on her hand, and a written note on her shin. West confesses that she started feeling people’s attention towards her, and her mind was full of the bad things that would happen to her.

But she was sure that she was safe because her two colleagues were around who were recording her, and offering her protection if anything was to happen.

In no time a crowd surrounded her, reading the sign and looking at her too. Actually what engineered her to do this was when she watched Amanda Palmer as she was talking at Tea talk about the plan of one stripping and allowing fans to write on her.

In no time, one person came closer to her and drew a heart on her body. Soon a multitude was also doing the same to her, offering her all the support.

She recalls that while doing that, she got moved when a dad was explaining to his kids what she was actually doing.

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