Woman With Gunshot Wounds Asks One Question That Leads To Her Killers. Heart-Breaking!

Cases of abusive spouses are not uncommon. An Amber alert was given on 14th March from a 10-months boy in Delta. It is a disturbing story with a heroic ending. 10-month Winston Ramey was a victim of abduction. The abductor, Winston’s father, left the boy’s mother, Amanda Mangas for the dead.

27-year-old James Remy was in a legal battle with his son and baby mama. Amanda, 23 years, took a restraining order to ensure they were safe from his violent outbursts. In one occasion, Amanda shared a harrowing story of how James tried to kill her after she threatened to leave him. Amanda withdrew the restraining order but later changed her mind. She feared for her baby’s life.

One unfortunate day, James broke into Amanda’s house. Amanda, her step-mom, and son were held hostage. They were able to contact the authorities. Sadly, by the time the police arrive, Amanda suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

Two words” Where’s Winston” from Amanda helped the police saved her son when she passed on. Watch the sad story and SHARE on Facebook.

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