Women Deserve To Be Respected. This Is What They Were Taught The Hard Way!

Though street harassment is an uncouth behavior, it still exists within our society. It’s more common within urban settings and in most cases is directed towards women. It always reminds them they are vulnerable to different kinds of abuse and makes them feel oppressed and threatened.

Everlast had that in mind when they came up with this video that depicts the kind of disrespect our women face while walking within the streets. Each and every woman is vulnerable- not specific ones! A woman may be innocently walking and then what she least expected happens… men that are rude start to harass her. Not a single woman knows the place or the time when this is likely to take place. That’s what this clip is all about!

But what should you say about this turn of events? Did they really have to be subjected onto this? I think they rightly deserved it, what about you?

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