You Can’t Fail To Notice Something Special When You Watch The Two Kid Sisters Dance. So Stunning!

Watching this video reminded me of my childhood. My sister and I loved dancing together, but as years went by, that kind of teamwork faded into thin air. Well, leave my childhood alone, you’re about to meet an absolutely breathtaking kind of teamwork. This just melted my heart!

This is a WHAS Crusade for Children which is an annual telethon and the Latkovski Sisters are dancing to “Reflections.” As it can be seen from their performances, the duo are really talented dancers. Grace, the younger sister is a victim of cystic fibrosis as well as cerebral palsy yet that does not stop her from doing what she does best. She has always danced from when she was aged 3 years.

The uniqueness of their dancing has always touched hearts. When the video starts, one thinks Quincy, Gracie’s sister is a reflection since both are on wheelchairs and seated on opposite sides of the mirror. You just notice she’s not when she gets out of the chair and starts dancing around the stage. The two have been dancing as a team for quite some time and have never failed to turn heads with their performances.

It’s clear that the two love what they are doing and you certainly notice that once look at their smiling faces. They’re really an inspiration!

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