You Can’t Imagine What The Two Cops Were Doing While In The Car Once You Watch This… Incredible!

Another stunning video has been released by the Dover Police Departments. They posted the clip on YouTube and I believe it won’t take long before it goes viral.

This is not the first time these officers have made the deadlines. If you remember, there was the Dover officer who was caught on camera, lip synching to Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off.” He was in the car carrying out his daily business until the song started playing. He went on and produced one of the most hilarious lip synching renditions we have seen.

The same officer is back and this time round he has been joined by another cop. However, things have been changed a little bit. They’re no longer lip-synching over here, instead they are doing an incredible karaoke set once the radio starts playing the country’s famous hits. Watching mature burly men exhibiting their musically talented sides is not something that’s easy to come across. Their playful nature and willingness to express themselves is going to put a smile across your face. I always like it when people are happy and really enjoyed watching the two do what they enjoy doing.

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