You May Think It’s The Loch Ness Monster. But When You Look Again… UNBELIEVABLE!

Enjoying a cruise after a deluge of rain hit the Tapajos River in Brazil’s Juruena National Park, a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) saw a long eerie shape moving in the water. Headed by Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF, the person first thought it was a reptile swimming along the river; but at a closer look, something else was spotted. This amazing footage of the actual black jaguar swimming along the Tapajos River surprised the crew who was on board. It was a rare male black jaguar crossing the river with a smooth sailing steady swim over the Amazon River.

The video showcased the black jaguar as both a strong swimmer and a tree climber that lives in a vast expanse of tropical forestry and a long stretch of riverbank in order to survive. This astounding footage of a black jaguar swimming in the river was taken within the 150 million acres of forest ‘protected in perpetuity’. This video is a reminder of these endangered species found only in places that are protected by the government. This huge black feline is a rare species and protecting these animals from poachers and other forms that threaten their existence is a number one priority.

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