You Must See What This Man Did To Help His Wife Give Birth To Their Baby… WOW!

After 9 months or less of carrying a baby, the real fight comes when a mother is about to give birth to the little angel. It is a quite hard time for all the mothers who need to do their best so the baby can be delivered in the right way.

Matthew and his wife were expecting their second daughter. The footage below captures the delivery of his wife underwater. Matthew stayed by his wife’s side from morning to night, showed support, comfort and love during this extraordinary journey. Surrounding by their family members and nurses, they both stayed in water until the wife gave birth to their gorgeous daughter Sloane.

This is one of those that I won’t forget soon, this kind of stories shows us that it only takes support and love of each other to surpass all the struggles that each couple can face, also with every pain comes an amazing gift in return since a beautiful little girl is added to their family members.

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