You Will Be Blown Away By This Woman’s Valentine’s Day Wish. So Intriguing!

The Valentine season sees most people exchange different gifts such as flowers of different colors, chocolates and many others. The one that recently passed was no exception when it comes to that. Kelly McCall had a different wish over that day. She never wanted a new perfume, chocolate, roses or what most people were longing for. All she wished for was for Arron (her husband) to shave.

Arron had some long hair and some bushy beard. The 41 years old gym owner had not shaved his hair for three years, he looked a different man with a different face. Kelly needed to see the face of her husband and that is why she wished to see her husband’s face again.  No wonder his daughter, Madison used to tell him he looked like a hobo whenever he embarrassed her. It was the choice of Arron not to shave and he was fully aware he had a funny look. He even admits he could have used a funny word to describe himself when he had been told to do so.

When Kelly had about “Make Over My Man for Valentine’s Day”-an offer that Good Morning America was offering, she knew the time for her wish had come.

Watch this video to witness the ultimate transformation and Kelly’s adorable reaction. Do you think the new Arron looks better than the old one? Let your feelings be known by commenting below.

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