You Will Be Shocked When You Discover Who Surprised The Judges With His Singing. So Stunning!

Bullying is always an unfair thing for any person to go through. This is what Harrison Craig has grown up used to in his school life. Other students laugh at him because he stutters whenever he speaks. Despite all those criticisms, he has never stopped pursuing his passion – he loves singing and his love for songs cannot be stopped by anyone.

He had always looked forward to showcasing his talent and did not take chances when he heard auditions for The Voice: Australia were being carried out. He did a rendition that featured Josh Groban’s song “Broken Vow” and from the way the crowd reacted, he truly conquered them. He performed flawlessly and shocked the judges. 

His brother and mom that were at the back cheered him through his incredible performance. You will be touched when you see his brother shed tears when he celebrates the triumph of his brother. Their mother should be proud to have two amazing sons. What a way to answer the critics who thought he was not capable of what he did!

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