You Won’t Believe What Happened To This Lady When She Picked Up A Bottle From The Floor. Amazing!

Ask the EPA, and they’ll tell you that about 75% of the waste material we throw around can actually be recycled and turned into useful stuff. But some people don’t really think so much about that when they find things like plastic bottles lying on the floor. This video was produced to shed some light on the importance of keeping the environment clean as well. It’s lovely!

So these guys decided to conduct an experiment in at a mall. The place is crowded. Now, there’s a plastic bottle on the floor, just next to a recycle bin. However, most of the people coming in and out don’t seem to even have the slightest thought of picking up the bottle, but one lady doesn’t fit in the majority. What she did brought the house down in a bout of joy!

When she approached the bin, the woman couldn’t walk past and leave a bottle on the floor, so she bent over, picked it up, and threw it into the bin. What happened next stunned her. She’s the heroine of the day!

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