You Won’t Believe What She Did To Her Garage Door. The Monster Has Gone Viral!

Have you ever spotted a really cool Halloween decoration in your neighborhood and just stopped and wished you could get something of the sort for yourself? Well, everyone in this woman’s neighborhood is wishing for what she has!

Amanda Destro Pierson lives in Ohio, and she’s one heck of a great face painter and designer. Well, looks like Amanda has more ideas than she can paint on faces. For her Halloween, she decided to work on her garage door. She created a monster!

She painted some really creepy tooth jaws and astonishing green, monstrous eyes above those teeth. Her garage door looks like a monster out to devour every passerby, and that’s what actually impresses people so much that they end up waving and honking horns whenever they see it. It’s just cool!

When Amanda posted the video of her garage door online, it quickly went viral with everyone “freaking out” at the gory site of the monster. People love it. In fact, this particular video has been viewed over 25 million times – and counting!

Not even the Huffington Post or the TODAY Show could ignore the kind of vibe the video was creating. Amanda found herself doing interviews about her monster. This is great!

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