You Won’t Believe What She Got As She Filled Old Jars With Fruits And Oil.

Many of us don’t appreciate the idea of baking our own cakes, but after watching this video, I have changed my mind. Did you know that cakes can also be baked in canning jars? Yes! and it’s awesome! I advise you to stop drooling and start baking now!

Thanks to this 1 minute video made by CHOW, it is by far the easiest way to make canning jar cakes instead of making traditional cakes or cupcakes. In addition to being super easy to follow, these cakes can be a nice treat for one to enjoy himself. The cakes will remain moist and delicious for up to 6 months! What a better way to show someone you care than a personalised cake in a jar!

What do you think of this awesome idea? would you love to try it or do you prefer making it in the traditional way?

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