You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did To Innocent Airline Passengers. The Looney Toons!

You just can’t think of the old Saturday mornings without remembering the famous Looney Toons and their Saturday morning show that used to make your weekends. Now this video here will give one heck of a dose of nostalgia!

There’s this guy, Zach Haumesser, and he happens to one brilliant and perfect “muppeteer.” Zach can mimic the voices of the Lonney Toons and keep you staggering with laughter, which is exactly what he did on this occasion. Get ready for this!

In the clip, you see Zach welcoming some passengers onboard the Southwest Airlines. However, it’s his modus operandi that’ll surely keep you smiling the whole day. To spice up the flight, Zach is impersonating various cartoon characters, starting with the most famous of all, the Bugs Bunny, and moving on to all time people’s favorite, the Looney Toons. You just have to give this guy a thumps up for the brilliance. He’s so much into his skills!

I just love this, and you will too. Check this out and drop to the ground with aching ribs, the get up and SHARE the piece with your Facebook friends. I’m not done laughing!


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