You Won’t Believe What Those Buffet Employees Did To This Family. Really?!

Word of advice: If you have a buffet and you’ve advertised claiming to have what people need, make sure you have enough of it and employ smart-headed employees. What happened to this nice family should never ever occur anywhere on this planet. It’s heartbreaking!

It all started when Tracy Clarenson decided to treat her son to what he liked for his birthday, so she ended up taking her whole family to a buffet. It was Hayden’s 7th birthday, and he was all set to enjoy it. But that was cut short when some employees in there decided to act cocky and ruin a well-planned birthday party.

So the family of six sat a table, enjoying their meal and having a really great time. One of the boys would go for the crab legs and bring them to the table. However, in one of the trips, something happened. An employee accused the boy of eating too many crab legs and said he couldn’t have any more. What?!

The family had to walk out of the buffet and vow never to walk in there again. They had been mistreated. It even ruined the party for the young Jayden, who also happens to have mild autism and couldn’t even understand what was happening. That’s sad!

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