You’ll Never Think That This Is Actually A 90-Year-Old Lady Doing This. I’m Impressed!

If you’re one of the closed-minded people who hold fast onto some outdated beliefs about age, then you’re in for a rude shock. You think a 90+ years human can’t really shake it? You’re wrong!

She appears, walking to the stage with a walking stick in her hand. She’s in a lovely white dress that brings out the full beauty of her beaming self. And then she does the unthinkable. She puts the stick away!

It’s about this lady. In fact, she’s not even 90. Mathilda Klein is 94 years old, but you’ll stop seeing it that way the moment she and her longtime dance partner, Danny Maloney, hit the stage! Being a native of Florida, Mathilda has loved dancing as far back in memory as anyone can trace dancing, and she has a real skill for the game. That woman can really move to it!

It’s hard to believe that a 94-year-old lady can do what most 50-year-olds can’t. To Mathilda, this is what keeps her alive, and she embraces it every time. Click on this video and watch do her thing in a competition. It’s cool and lovely. You’ve to SHARE!

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