Young Boy And Girl Sing “You Raise Me Up,” Their Angelic Voices Were Too Extraordinary!

We have seen many videos of people performing on Reality TV, but most of them are adult singers. In the clip below, we just get it clear that it doesn’t need one to be an adult for him/her to sing.

The two kids in the video cover Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up.” The little boy is the one who starts singing. The crowd are excited with his way of singing but when the little girl joins in to sing along with the boy, the whole crowd gets crazy upon hearing her angelic voice. The most amazing thing is that they never show any sign of nervousness while on the stage like some in the clips we have seen before.

Coming to the second verse, the whole crowd seemed to be carried away by the song’s spirit and the TV show was practically converted into a praise and worship session.

There is one thing that is certain, and that is the talent the two kids possess. They sing out so nicely as if they were professional singers (to me they are), and if Josh Groban was to be there, at the show, he surely would have positively envied their talent.

These kids will surely become great singers in the future. Let us know what you think by commenting below. Please SHARE this wonderful performance to all your friends on Facebook!

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