Young Giedie Laroco Stuns The Judges When She Starts Singing… Watch This!

There are certain cases where you do not have to be an expert to identify one’s talent. Some people’s talent is too hot to go unnoticed! Take, for instance, Giedie Laroca who is so young yet the talent within her is so mature. Little Giedie attended last year’s auditions of The Voice Kids Philippines over the summer and by then; she was only 13 years of age. Once the footage featuring her performance was uploaded on the internet, it immediately went viral.

On this occasion, she was performing “Power of Love,” a song originally done by Jennifer Rush, which Celine Dion popularized later within the United States. Immediately the young girl started singing, the power within her voice made Sarah Geronimo, who was one of the audition’s judges, spun her chair and saw who the performer was. It didn’t take long for Bamboo Manalac and Lea Salonga, who were judges to turn around too.

Just like the judges, the audition also got impressed. You can’t believe this girl is such young when you listen to her singing. This is a girl who is destined for glory within the music industry. Do you also have the same thought?

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