You’re Really Not Ready For What These Inmates Are About To Start Here. Wow!

Prison is meant for behavior correction, to give the people who might have lost their way one more chance to reform and mend their ways so they can live happily in the society when they finally get released. That’s one reason why prison authorizes put in place many involving programs to keep the inmates occupied and interacting. Well, one smart Pilipino has taken the game a notch higher, and it’s paying off hugely!

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center is in the Philippines, and one Byron Garcia is the security adviser there. To improve the system, Byron proposed that they invite Travis Payne, Michael Jackson’s former choreographer, to come over and involved the inmates. Payne was also accompanied by dancers, Dres Reid and Daniel Celebre. They spent many days perfecting their routine, and then time came for them to do it right. Get set!

These guys are a little bit deceptive, coming in a V-formation and, before you know it, they’re already rocking your world!

This is so inspiring. If inmates can do this, then all others can. Watch and SHARE this with your Facebook buddies!

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