10-yr-old autistic girl sings “Silent Night” – captivates hearts moment she hits 1st note

Kaylee Rogers who is diagnosed with ADHD and autism once again wows her audience with her version of “Silent Night.” Singing her heart alone on stage,

Kaylee did not need anyone to belt out this popular holiday tune with much confidence and passion. Her performance was truly stunning for a girl with special needs.

When Kaylee’s mother Tracy was interviewed by BBC, she revealed that Kaylee’s love for music has always been there but was further honed when she enrolled her at the Killard House School. Colin Millar, the school’s headteacher was instrumental in building Kaylee’s confidence in front of a crowd and sharing her vocal gifts to the world. With her amazing and fascinating talent, making it big in the music industry is not hard to imagine.

With her vocal coach Lloyd Scates, Kaylee conquered the USA with her awesome talent when she performed on a TV show called Little Big Shots together with the popular a cappella group Pentatonix. Scates mentioned that with Kaylee’s condition, she is usually shy but when she starts singing, everything just transforms into one awesome performance.

“We were blown away when we heard her version of ‘Hallelujah’, explained Scott Hoying, a member of the group Pentatonix. “The moment she started singing that first note up until the end, she literally just brought us to tears. We knew we had to perform with her, she is a special girl with a divine talent,” Hoying added.

It is very rare that we hear stories like Kaylee. Every individual is unique and everyone has his or her own story to tell. With everyone’s appreciation and awareness, let us all be an agent in educating the world that no medical condition can stop anyone to thrive. We are very blessed to have heard Kaylee’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’sHallelujah.”

Listen to Kaylee sing “Silent Night” for yourself below. She’s so good!

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