13-yr-old boy spots little girl alone trying to cross busy street – immediately rushes to save her life

Adrian Castro, 13, was biking from his middle school to his boxing gym when he spotted a surreal and frightening sight.

A 2-year-old girl was standing on the streets of Modesto, California all alone, attempting to cross the busy road.

As cars whizzed by the helpless and terrified child, Adrian subconsciously tapped into his dreams of becoming a Marine and police officer. He also thought of his two younger brothers and instinctually knew to protect the little girl.

Just as the toddler was about to get run over, Adrian sprang into action and pushed her back onto the sidewalk. He tried asking her questions about where she lived and who her parents where, but all she could do was look up at him and cry. “He asked where she lived and she pointed,” The Modesto Bee reported. “But just to see if she really knew, he pointed several other directions and asked her, ‘That way?’ She replied yes each time.”

Adrian learned she had just figured out how to unlock the doors at her home and quietly wandered off.

Watch the video below to see how Adrian’s quick-thinking saved the toddler’s life.

Police were so impressed by the eighth-grader that they showed up at his school with a surprise.

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