2 Shy Men Can’t Answer A Bedroom Question When They Appear On ‘Family Feud’

Anyone who has watched any TV will tell you that “Family Feud” is one the greatest shows of our time, and even so because it’s hosted by one and only Steve Harvey. Everyone loves Steve!

The show is mostly a little “restricted,” but there are times when things get heated up to a funny degree. One of those moments was captured on video, and it’s going to tug at your soul!

So we’ve these two men, a marine and another guy. Now, Steve wants them to answer a question that’s sure to shake their cores, because it’s the kind of question that they don’t really expect. Wait for this!

So the question is floated to the two contestants. As is common, people compete to answer the question first, but this one was a little awkward. None of these guys wants to hit the button first!

They shook their heads, fidgeted, fumbled, and then the marine gathered himself and mouthed an answer. You want to know this.

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