2-Year-Old Kid Joins Mom On Stage And The Rest Is Adorable – Must Watch!

Are you an older parent? If yes, then you know that children are most close to their parents when they are young than when they are older. When children grow older, they tend to be occupied with other matters like their social life outside of the family they are being raised in. They have school to worry about and what their friends think of them.

That means that the best time to establish a permanent bond with your children is when they are still toddlers. This is the time to show them that they mean a lot to you. If you do not, by the time they are teenagers, they will already be used to your absence in their inner emotional life. They will therefore confide less in you.

In the video below, we see a mom who has developed that special bond with her two-year-old so well that she is inspiring many of us. That bond has given her daughter enough confidence to perform in a crowd and before judges. She barely knows what she is dancing to, but she is doing it so well, possibly to the beats.

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