20 Years Ago, Mom Wrote Something On Her Wedding Dress. Now See What Happens On Her Daughter’s Wedding Day. Beautiful!

The Film Poets just released something on YouTube, and it’s going viral faster than you can say “letter.”

The LittleThings community loves everything that’s nice and lovely, and you’ll agree with me the moment you click on this video.

In 1994, a couple adopted a kid, and they named her Brooke because they always wanted a little princess with such a beautiful name. The mom wanted to let her daughter now and keep in mind just how much of a blessing she was for the family, so she took her own wedding dress, tore a piece, and did something cool with it.

Fast-forward 20 years later, in 2015, and it’s Brooke’s wedding. On this lovely, she and her man, Tyler, are going to tie the knot, but mom has other ideas to drive up the emotions. That’s when she presents her lovely princess with the letter she wrote for her on the piece of her dress 20 years ago! The moment is both epic and overly emotional. You can’t help but feel it too!

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