2015 News Bloopers That Will Make Your Ribs Ache Because Of Too Much Laughter!

It has been a tradition for people to watch news so that they can get informed of what is happening around the world. Generally, what people expect to hear or see is bad news like wars, shootings, natural disasters happening at some place. But what will it be like when you are watching the news and get so see something funny from our presenters, maybe when the camera gets them off guard.

In the clip below that was produced and edited by NewsBeFunny, we see what it is like when we get to watch some funny moments of different news reporters of 2015. The video is just a compilation of mistakes that the reporters made without ever knowing. My favorite mistake is when two reporters a male and a female are reading the news that Jumia has made a lot of sales more than Walmart and when the female reporter asks why, the male one tell her that it is because Walmart never sells sex toys the way the other does.

Watch the clip below and please let us know which news blooper made you laugh by commenting below. Please SHARE the funny clip to all your friends on Facebook if it made your day!

BONUS: If you found the first one funny, you need to check this one!! Hilarious!

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