2CELLOS Band Mixes Classical Music Together With Rock. So Amazing!

It’s hard to find a cello being used in rock ‘n’ roll. This typical instrument is mostly common in a regal orchestra.

In Croatia, there are two musicians who are really putting an effort of adding the cello to the rock ‘n’ roll world, starting from their group name 2CELLOS. To attain that, they are making music clips whereby they play the rock using the cello to create the untamed physical passion.

Through their videos like “Smooth Criminal,” a rendition of Michael Jackson which has circulated everywhere, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, the 2CELLOS, have attained fame since they have been viewed 14 million times.

Their fame kept increasing the more when Elton John, a Grammy Award-winner, happened to have an encounter with them, of which he was totally amazed. In an interview that the 2CELLOS uploaded on YouTube, John said that he was stunned to see players of the cello do a thing like that, he said that he would like to incorporate them in his band.

Elton John invited them to have a tour with his band, of which they accepted. In the period of 2011-2012, the 2CELLOS managed to perform a total of 236 concerts with John
John confessed that the 2CELLOS would start by opening the show before he could play, a thing that he never had before
Even though they stopped touring with Elton John, they still do what they know best. In total, they have 3 studio albums, appeared on one of the seasons of Glee and have attained 225 million views on YouTube.

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