3-Year-Old Suffers From Tick Paralysis – There Is More To Shock You!

When Collins did not wake up or run around the room that morning, his parents were worried. Collins is an energetic boy. Collins lay in bed, gazing up at his parents.

It occurred to the parents the boy could not move because he was paralyzed. The previous day, Collins had a fall during a basketball game at his brother’s school.

The concerned parents rushed the boy to the hospital. Since the boy could articulate his feelings, the doctors ruled out a concussion.

At this point, the only thing Collins would do was breathing. He could not move his legs or feed himself.

The doctor ran several tests, but they came back negative. The parents transferred him to a children’s hospital.

The doctors made a diagnosis that shocked Collin’s parents. A tick bite caused the paralysis. After removing the tick, the three-year-old slowly regained his mobility. The doctors told his parents that if they came in 30 minutes later, the boy would have gone to cardiac arrest.

Physicians said that tick bites are common, but few patients suffer from severe reactions.

To learn more about tick paralysis, watch the video below.

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