3,000 Baby Boxes Given Freely By Temple University Hospital

Dr. Megan did not know how mothers were going to react when she proposed to them that having their new born sleeping in boxes was much safer. This was a new practice in the US while in Finland they had been doing it for years. The risk that most mothers were not aware of is that of suffocation when sleeping with a new born in bed or when they place them on soft mattresses.

According to the doctor, the best surface for a baby to sleep should be a firm surface in the same room with the mother or parents. This eliminates the chances of suffocation, which is a major cause of infant mortality. Each of the boxes costs around $100 but the Hospital was donating them for free to help set the whole project off.

Mothers are well meaning when they desire to sleep with their babies to keep them warm and feel that they are protecting them. The hope is that the baby will be safer closer to them. Sadly, that is never the outcome. There have been numerous cases of mother s suffocating their babies while they were asleep. This happens a lot when the mothers are tired.

The video below shows how the nurse places the baby on the box with care and love as the mother watches.

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