4 Bikers Stand Out By A Child’s Window. What Happens After They Turn Around Will Leave You In Tears!

What crosses your mind whenever you see a group of tough looking leather clad bikers? Based on the perceptions created in movies, most bikers are villains and bad men.

However, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is a group of tough looking bikers on a good mission. This is a body of bikers founded about 20 years ago. Their main agenda is to empower and restore the confidence of abused kids.

How do they do that? These guardian angels have seen the correlation between kids and bikes. Children are amazed by bikes.  It makes an exciting bonding experience between the kids and the bikers.

The BACA members offer motorbike escort services for the kids from the bus, attend courtroom abuse cases and some instances camp out in front of their homes. That simple gesture makes the child victims of abuse feel comfortable and safe.

How do they pick out the kids? Their services are usually advertised through media such as TV shows, agencies or word of mouth. Once they identify the abused kids, they conduct an evaluation to determine if the victim will fit in their program.

Here comes the best part: The stuffed teddy bear hugging ceremony.   There is an important ritual that BACA children undergo. The bikers hug a stuffed teddy bear in front of the kid as a sign of courage and love to the children.

This is an incredible reminder that looks can be deceiving.

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