6 Brothers See Their Newborn Sister For The First Time. Their Reactions? So Lovely!

When Shari and her spouse went for a checkup at the hospital, they were more than overjoyed to find out that they were going to have a baby girl. The reason to be happy was that finally a girl was on the way since they had 6 kids and all were boys.

Finally Aislynn was born in July 2015. She was welcomed to the big family to become one of them. When the other six brothers heard that they had a baby girl, they went to the hospital to pay her a visit. In the clip below, you will see the boys enter the room where their mother and the newborn baby were. It was a happy moment as they make to officially welcome their little sister into their family. One of the boys goes ahead to give his sister a kiss on the forehead while caressing her pretty face. Full of curiosity, they started asking their mother if still her belly was big and fat.

It is without doubt that the 6 boys love their little sister and nothing bad can happen to her while they are around. Even though it is not described in the clip, we are sure that the dad and mum were more than happy to finally have a daughter in the family.

What I can say is that the person who will become the boyfriend to Aislynn will have to take care not to mess up with her as the 6 brothers of hers will respond to protect her.

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