60 Young Guys Line Up In The Middle Of An Airport, NOW Watch The Epic Moves!

One day, people were getting in and out of Dublin International Airport, and then something really cool happened. Turns out, the best dancers in the world had decided to show up at the airport and take people’s breaths with an incredible flash mob performance.

The dancers, from around 11 countries, got themselves onto the airport grounds and then kicked off their thing by arranging themselves into two lines. Next, they started something that got people curious. Everyone stopped to see what was going on at the airport. What were all those people doing? 60 people lined up and moving!

Soon enough, the group of Irish dancers started a routine. They moved rather slowly, and then they kicked up the energy a notch higher and increased the speed. Now the dance was getting almost too hectic. Epic!

Watching the dance, I can’t help but get so blown by just how well these guys choreograph their performance. I mean, look at those feet!

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