8-Year-Old Says Angels Gave Him Strength To Do This To His Dad. Unbelievable!

So Stephen Parker and his two cool sons are at the garage, trying to fix their car. Stephen and 17-year-old Mason manage to lift the car and hold it up by the jack. Unfortunately, Mason gets cut accidentally and has to go to the house, leaving dad and 8-year-old J.T in the garage. That’s when it happens!

As the dad gets under the car and sets about fixing the axle, something really scary happens. The jack gets lose and the car goes down on him, trapping him underneath. He can’t breathe. He ponders on the next move. He can’t even move a bit. He figures he should call out to his little son J.T. He hesitates but he manages to call out to him just as he loses consciousness. J.T springs into action and gets his hands on that damn jack. Next? A miracle!

Within a few minutes, the car is up again and dad is all free and safe! J.T has no idea how he did it. He believes that Angels gave him the strength to save his dad. Wow!

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