8-Year-Old’s Friend Was Not Given Lunch, Then He Showed Why He Has A Heart Of Gold

One 8-year-old’s act of kindness has surprised many. Cayden Taipalus who is studying at Challenger Elementary is Howell is the boy who made the news. It all started when his friend was not offered a hot meal at the school since his account did not have money.


That day he left school upset and informed Amber Melke-Peters, his mother, about it. He wanted to hear from his mother what it could be done to stop that from happening again.


His mother assisted him to set up a web page that was named, “Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry.” After they put the website online, they requested friends and family to assist them raise money to clear the lunch debts of his friend.

He never stopped there, he went ahead and did some recycling to raise more money by himself. That is what we call a heart of kindness.

After clearing his friend’s debts, he made sure no one could miss lunch by requesting more funds to be added to need children’s accounts.


So far, he has been able to assist over 300 students and has raised around $7000. It is something he wants to keep on doing so that every student is able to take lunch. His mother is happy with whatever he is doing and is ready to support him all the way.

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