87-Year-Old Has A Really Soft Spot For Skating. You Won’t Believe What She Is Into!

If you’re looking for veterans skating, then be sure you’ve just found a good one. Yvonne Dowlen has been in this skating “game” for the last 65 years, and she’s not even thinking of quitting. She just won’t stop.

In fact, this 87-year-old lady says she loves skating more than just walking. According to Yvonne, skating makes her stay healthy and young, and you’ll believe that because at 87, she can still roll that thing pretty well. She’s just so great in it!

Even after encountering and overcoming a few health issues along the way, this lady has still maintained her position as one of the best skaters around. She says she always makes sure to skate for about 45 minutes every day, and it makes her feel great. In fact, she’s doing her thing in the US Adult Figure Skating Championships in Dallas where she’s the oldest competitor, and so set for it!

Watch this clip here and this old lady do what most can’t, and you’ll love her for it. Don’t forget to SHARE the clip on Facebook and let it wow your friends too. Also drop a comment!


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