9 Year Old Kid Gives Out Gifts To Homeless Women, The Contents Will Make Your Heart Melt!

Everyone expects kids of nine years of age to be spending their free time in playing. This is very true, but that is not nine-year-old D.J. Flores, who is a fourth grader at Fort Worth, TX. At his tender age, D.J. managed to do some research in which he discovered that a lot of homeless people were women who found themselves in the situation due to domestic violence. He got the percentage of the needy women to be 60. This information touched him to do something for them.

He started going around and collecting handbags and purses. In each of the purses, he made sure that he filled it with the basic necessities like blankets, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes. After doing this, he requested his mother to drive him around his locality where he issued the purses to the needy women he found. He called the project “Love in Packs.” Without doubt, his action of kindness is far more that what some adults can do concerning the situation.

D.J. revealed to Ken Molestina of CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that he felt very happy in helping other people. He finished by saying that being a little kid does not mean that you cannot do great things.

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