A 4-Year-Old Girl And Her Mother Were About To Die, Now Watch What A Driver Did… A Hero!

While Tina was driving on the highway guardrail on a cold day, something kept telling her to stop. Then from a distance, she spotted something that made her to halt. On getting closer, she realized that it was a woman with injuries and in a state of shock. The lady’s name was Kristen Hiebert.

Reporting to CBC, Tina said that it was Kristen who made her stop the car, and although she was freezing, she never stopped mentioning her granddaughter.

She had frostbitten hands, frost was all over her head and she only had socks, jeans, a hoodie and a jacket on in the 3° F weather. The grandma and the 4-year-old granddaughter had been there for 12 hours when their car got off the highway. From the highway, the car could not be seen, so the Kristen had gone to the rail so that somebody could spot and help her. She was suffering from a broken leg and two arms. After hearing her talk of her granddaughter, it is when she saw her lying down and seemed dead. But the grandmother had wrapped the little girl in a blanket and placed her in the backseat. She had few bruises and frostbitten legs but the good news was that she was alive.

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