A Bright, Five Years Old Kid Gets A Chance To Go To McDonald. What He Says? I’m Really Touched!

This video is about a five year old child who went to McDonalds for the first time in his life. This clip will make you remember how lucky you are.

We have always known about this Indian who is fond of coming up with thought provoking and controversial videos. He is none other than Varun Pruthi. This guy has been involved in research many times to change the society to a better place.

Varun posted a recent video on YouTube where he had invited a five year old boy to McDonalds for the first time. This young boy had never imagined that he could get a chance to enter into McDonalds. I pity this poor boy, he had always seen people eat there every day while he used to sell pens. He was really grateful for this opportunity. It’s quite unusual to see such youngster selling pens.

The best part of the video comes when this boy saves one burger for his sister. What a bright kid! Varun asks this boy why he never goes to school and the boy replies that if he goes to school he won’t be able to feed himself. I feel very sorry for this kid.

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