A Cupcake Has Been Eaten, And Now Dad Needs To ‘Extract’ The Truth From The Son. This Will Be Hard To Believe!

I remember when I was a kid, I could do almost anything and still get away with it. It didn’t matter whether the evidence was splattered all over me when I ate sugar or gulped the milk. The fact is, a parent will always find something to smile about.

That’s why it’s not a big deal to this dad when his son, Jack, shows up with a blue smear all over his face and lips. Apparently, some cakes were handed out to honor the New York Giants. But the dad, David Koenig, is a jovial man, so he puts his little son on camera while asking him whether he ate any cupcake. The little guy’s response will send you into the air!

In the clip, you can see the dad trying really hard to get the son to admit to biting into some cupcakes, the small man won’t give in. You’re going to really love this little debate!

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