A Deaf Person Was Told To Look At The Other Side. His Response? Heartwarming!

Samsung Turkey had planned to promote the newly made video call center for individuals with hearing infirmities. As a result, they came up with an emotive moment for a person who suffers from hearing disability.

The team had set up cameras all over the city to watch Muharrem and his younger sister as they moved around. The two did not know what they were in for the day. The young man was happy to see a passerby on the street greeting him with the sign language. He seemed happy about it since it has always been very rare for someone to greet him in sign language.

The next coincidence happens when a lady bumps into their way. When the young man turns, the woman apologizes using the sign language. At first I thought that they were trying to mess up with the young man but I’m glad that was not the case. What follows is totally funny!

It is incredible to see how a simple notion has been turned out to be so emotive. This is wonderful! What is your idea concerning this clip? Did you like it?

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