A Dog Goes To The Cemetery. The Reason? So Touching!

Some individuals still have it in mind that dogs cannot love. The perspective that a dog can show love like a human being does is still arguable to this day.  Skeptics have always put it across that a dog can never show love like a human being simply because they are not human. They also claim that as much as dogs have instincts, they are unable to reason no matter what.

Regardless of those views, I strongly believe that dogs have the ability to love. It may not be the same as the human love but whichever the case, they have affections and feelings towards their owners. As I have noticed it, dogs are only nice to individuals who are nice to them. This is where I ask, is it instincts or love? Dog owners say it is love. In this clip, we see a dog that was recorded on camera. It clearly shows that dogs can love just as we humans do. In the video one will notice that the dog is really hurt when she discovers that her puppy is dead. I felt sorry for this dog.

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