A Family Of Six Brothers Welcomes A Little Sister In A Wonderful Way!

Cher and Stephen are a couple that was awaiting a baby. Actually, they had 6 sons. When the information reached them that the expected baby is a girl, everyone in the family got overjoyed. This family that resides in Apex, NC went ahead to make a video about their joy for the baby girl that is getting popular.

Ruth finally was born at the end of August 2015. Four days after her birth, Cher and Stephen saw it wise to get all the boys together so that they could give their younger sister a welcoming. Each one of them got a chance to hold Ruth in his arms for some few minutes, while offering a speech in front of a camera of how it felt having a little sister. Finally, the Lair family full of boys, had a girl.

The six boys; Jackson, 13, Campbell, 10, Sawyer, 7,Houston, 5, Shepherd, 4, and Knox, 2, are so lovely and caring. The speech each one of them gave concerning how they feel having a sister was different. The footage will surely make you smile and get sentimental.

But one thing is certain… whoever who will be the first boyfriend of Ruth will always watch out not to commit errors because the six brothers will never let him. Watch the video and remember to SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!

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