A Husband’s Lovely Surprise To His Wife During Their 10th Wedding Anniversary

In marriages, couples endure lot of hardships- things happen that might tear the bond between the two. Talk of an accident that leaves one partner crippled, unemployed and more of other platforms that offer the other partner a reason to quit. However, when such takes effect, many will separate, but here is a story that helps illustrate true love and its meaning.

To Laura Gilbertson, the day was just as ordinary as any other. However, Carl, Laura husband had invited a mob to offer Laura a lifetime surprise. Why? It was their 10th wedding anniversary. Although Laura has been suffering from multiple sclerosis, Carl found it appropriate for Liverpool Media Academy students to sing to his lovely wife “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

What! What! What! Laura cries, as Carl is by her side, during, the entire performance since she is so overwhelmed. It’s a great anniversary for both of them- it narrates the essence of true love among two individuals.

Sure, it takes more of this and that to pull out an appropriate surprise that is a romantic gesture. Carl seeks the help of a church for his surprise proposal flash mob to Laura. Oooh, the video got everyone in joyful tears, and you too will- watch it.

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