A Kid Witnesses A Moment Of Magic, You Will Lose It When You Watch His Face!

As babies grow up, they try making sense out of the world from one day to the other. They provide us with adorable moments in the process and you can’t find many things to compare them with. In the clip below, we are meeting a toddler who is being introduced to some magic by his brother. The kind of wonder and awe in the face of this baby is so funny and it will be so hard to hold back your laughter.

We see the baby sited opposite to his big brother who considers it the perfect time to introduce the baby to some little magic. He tears some squares and stuffs them into the fist and the rest is unbelievable magic for the little kid. At the end, the kid thinks that the toilet paper miraculously disappeared and his shock is evident.

The kid’s mouth drops open and his eyes grow wide and he can be seen shaking his head as if he is saying the act is not possible. Even the cameraman can’t resist his laughter and the baby goes ahead and requests for a repeat of the magic and his brother repeats the trick again.

We live in a world where there seems to be an answer to everything and the little kid is in the process of discovering that.

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