A Soldier Does Something Close To An Impossibility For The Sake of His Family. Touching!

Soldiers are known for the sacrifice they make for their families and nation. They join the army to make ends meet for their families, while at the same time putting their life at risk so that freedom can be regained around the world, and at home. Anything can happen to them while they are in deployment. In fact, a lot happens, and many of them do not come back at all. In times of war, almost half of them die as when they meet fierce resistance. That usually happens when they are about to close in on the enemy and the enemy has to put up a last stand, fighting to death, giving them everything they have.

When that happens, it is hard for the soldiers to stop worrying about staying alive, but they do. The soldier in the video went a step farther than that. When he left home, he knew that his family was going through a tough time. His father had lost his job and could not make the mortgage payments on time. So he made up his mind to save all his paychecks and buy back the home after it was placed on foreclosure.

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