A Teacher Dances Along With His Students. This Is A Real Motivation!

We all know that a teacher is supposed to motivate and inspire the learners to struggle and achieve greatness and discover their talents and potential. Nowadays, teachers are approachable unlike what they used to be sometimes back. A student’s success should always be the teacher’s priority. As of today, students feel inspired and comfortable if their teachers relate well with them. If the teacher’s aim is to teach the student, he or she should always create an environment where the learners can express themselves freely without fear.

This is what we see in this video. A. Maceo Smith is a high school teacher in Dallas. He came up with this wonderful dance moves which motivated the students to take part in showcasing their dancing talents. What makes this video very cool is the fact that even the teacher took part in the dancing. I am sure most teachers cannot do this. This shows the teachers’ total commitment towards the learner. Many people have considered this teacher as one of the best due to his involvement with students. I totally agree with this.

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