A Thief Wanted To Snatch A Phone From A Woman! But Then, What A Scene!

In this 21 century, there has been an increase of robbery all over the world. Whatever the day, you will never miss news from the media that somewhere someplace an attempt of robbery took place and certain lives were lost during the tragedy.

In the video below, we clearly see as a surveillance camera that was placed at a subway station in Russia as it records a frustrated attempt of robbery. A robber approached a young lady who was by a wall using her mobile phone. The thief went ahead to snatch the phone from her hands, but luck was not by his side, as he was hit by a purse on the face and a kick at the groins, as he attempted to escape.

Checking the recorded clip indicated that the actual time that this attempt took place was in 2013, the month of July. Although the young lady took a clever step to defend herself, which has caused a lot of polemic in the social media, the video’s validity has also raised a lot of queries too. There exists comments of viewers saying that the whole drama appears so planned just like in the movies.

Legitimate or not, this woman demonstrated a good self-defense, since it’s not easy not to be criticized in the social media.

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