A Timid Pit Bull Is Springing Towards Fast Traffic, Then This Happens. WOW!

We have always known Hope For Paws for great rescue videos, and here’s another one. The team got a distress call about a pit bull wandering into the free-way and sprang into action.

People tried to help, but the lost dog was too scared to even get close to anyone. This delicate situation involving an overly timid animal and a determined rescuer could have ended in disaster, if not for some animal control personnel who happened to be at the right place at the right time. They were off-duty and just passing by when they run into the scene. Thankfully, they did their job and the dog is now safe.

They had to calm the frightened pit bull first, after which they leashed him, put him in the vehicle and took him to the vet for medical attention. These cool guys even gave him a name, Tyrion. They found that Tyrion’s jaw had an injury and he had a dog-bite that had given him a serious infection. He was neglected.

Tyrion got better and was relocated to Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary where he’s now eagerly waiting for adoption, and that’s an awesome ending for a rescue.

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